Accurately digitise and share real world objects in mobile augmented reality, webGL, 3D rendering, and 3D print.


A powerful tool for creating professional quality 3D models from still images. A wide range of objects can be modeled including those with holes and 'difficult' organic shapes.

Mobile app for iOS and Android tablets and phones for viewing of 3D objects and display in context using augmented reality.

Digitised objects can be placed in any lighting or location scenario with our experienced 3D rendering and animation team. Ideal for e-commerce and mobile applications.
Virtual Gallery

Allows for interactive placement of 3D objects into virtual galleries accessible interactively in the web browser.

Download BoB in line test 2 Viewer Mobile APP

the app allows you to view and augment your 3D models directly from BOB

Two Scans Merged
Example of two BOB Capture scans of the same object and merged
Leather Bag
Example of a Leather Bag digitised using BOB Capture Software
Examples of Handbags digitised with BOB Capture software
Mary Rose Museum
A recent project that follows the process of capturing Hatch the dog!

BOB 3D Print
Examples images of objects capture by BOB Capture and printed in 3D
High resolution photographs of paintings using BOB SuperZoom
Jesus and Mary Painting
High resolution photographs of paintings using BOB SuperZoom
BOB Capture
The capturing of a twelth century statue of Mary

Sail Racing jacket
Animation of digitized 3D model of Sail Racing jacket
Example of rendered images using digitised 3D models
Christie's Curator
An example video from a Christie's Virtual Tour
Lewis Chess piece
Rendered image - 12th century - British Museum

Product Placement
Video capture of garden gnome scan placed into photograph
Statue of Jesus
Animation of a Statue of Jesus digitised by Christie's London
Degas Sculpture
Short animation of BOB Capture model digitised by Christie's London
BOB 360
An example of a BOB Spinset uploaded by Christie's of a Jade Vase